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The advantages of smart school lockers.

Students should have access to secure and user-friendly school lockers. Via authentication of your choosing, for example, with the Digismart smartphone app or your own school pass, the lockers can be operated very easily. No more losing locker keys or forgetting codes, but a smart locker system. Managers and janitors have full control over all functionalities of the lockers with our innovative locker management software.

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  • Many authentication options
  • Using the Digismart app
  • Fixed and flexible users

Complete control

  • Innovative cloud software
  • Management via Digismart online
  • Historical and live reports


  • GDPR compliant system
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Privacy and security by design

Functions and possibilities

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Fixed or flexible use

The lockers can be set up for fixed users. Each locker can be assigned to one student who has their personal school locker for the whole year. But flexible use is also (simultaneously) possible, which is convenient for visitors, for example.

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Smartphone app

Students can very easily use their lockers with the Digismart smartphone app (Android and IOS

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API link

You can of course very easily link your student tracking systems to the locker management software. There are many standard links, including for Magister, Somtoday and It’slearning. This saves considerable time and costs.

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With Digismart, any form of locker authentication can be set up, for example, via a pass or tag, combination lock, fingerprint, pin code (via the terminal), RFID, QR- or barcode, bluetooth (BLE) or the smartphone app.

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Central locker management

The management of lockers and users (authentication, authorisation, communication) takes place centrally via the online software. Adminstrators can simply log in via the browser on their PC or laptop.

Locker management software

What is the Digismart system?

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Digismart is the innovative software with plug & play hardware for the management and use of lockers (locker management software). Digismart is a cloud application, meaning that in addition to the optimal security of our environment, you no longer have to worry about installation, management, and updates. Due to Digismart being a cloud application, administration and locker usage only require a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. The administration for rent and deposit is also handled easily and intuitively via Digismart.

More about Digismart


Are you curious as to which locking solution is best for you?

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