The perfect solution for lockers at your event.

Our smart event locking solution is a great addition to lockers at your event. Your visitors can rent a locker on the spot or reserve and pay for one beforehand. The only thing they need is an email address. Opening and closing the locker is done easily via your own locker website.

Functions and possibilities

Temporary lockers at your event

Every event deserves good lockers, so your visitors can securely store their belongings while they enjoy what you have to offer. Use your own fixed lockers or have us provide your temporary lockers. Your guests will only have to rent or reserve a locker.

Operation via internet

Visitors don’t have to download or install anything: they can simply operate their locker via your own locker website. Your guests only need an email address and a phone with an internet connection to be able to rent, open, close and seal their locker.

Central locker management

Management is easy with Digismart online. Your administrators can simply log in via the browser on their PC or laptop. And in case of emergency, they can open individual lockers – with permission from the user – on the spot with the smartphone app.

Security guaranteed

Digismart offers excellent security, both for the items in your lockers and for your data. Our locker management software is extremely reliable and secure, due to the application of best practices during development and because it was developed from a ‘Privacy by Design’ principle.

Rent or reserve

You determine whether visitors can rent a locker on the spot, can only reserve them beforehand, or to have both options available. You can have the lockers automatically released for the following guests at the end of the day.

Intelligent payment system

Visitors can of course rent and pay for a locker on the spot. But visitors can also reserve and pay for a locker beforehand, for example when purchasing tickets. Easily, of course, via iDeal or credit card. We take care of it all via your dedicated locker website.

You determine the rules

Would you like to automatically release the lockers after a certain period of time? Of course. Can a user still open the locker within a short period after closing it? No problem. Would you prefer fixed starting and ending times? Easy. You can set it all up yourself.


In the online management software, your administrators can easily view and download real-time and historical reports. For example about the use of the lockers, stock levels (locker level) and rental administration.

Discover Digismart the most advanced locker management system with unique features and possibilites in creating smart lockers.


Numeris by Digilock offers advanced firmware for a flexible management system that increases security in the workplace. A variety of available finishes and body-styles enhance the aesthetics of any furniture, cabinet or locker while keypad or RFID interface allows for seamless operation across a facility.
Digital Locks for Furniture
We produce long-lasting products, designed for all types of public and adaptable to different sorts of requirements. A step forward in technology and high quality. Ojmar locking systems meet the highest demands for state-of-the-art facilities.
Digismart Locks turns any locker system into the perfect solution for your situation, environment and applications. Plug & play, without purchase, maintenance and management costs, but with the robust reliability and security that you can expect from a locker software expert.


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Driven by innovation, our products use the latest technology.
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We create products that go hand in hand with the latest trends.
Keynius Locks Locker Software
Our unique, innovative and extremely flexible locker software Keynius Locks.


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