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OTS Pulse Software

OTS Pulse Software

electronic door locks

OTS Pulse User app

OTS Pulse White Colour

OTS Pulse White Colour

OTS Pulse User App

OTS Pulse User app

OTS Pulse Programmer

OTS Pulse Programmer

smart digital locker lock

OTS Pulse Real time lock

OTS Pulse Infoterminal

OTS Pulse Infoterminal

OTS Pulse Gateway

OTS Pulse Gateway

OTS Pulse Black and Green

OTS Pulse Black/Green Colour

OTS® PULSE, the smart lock solution, that will provide you with:


· Real-time analytics

· Space optimisation via heat mapping

· Unrivalled flexibility, multiple user modes

· Cloud-based remote facility management

· Multi-technology platforms: RFID and BLE for mobile use

· Lockers on arrival booking functionality via Ojmar app

· API ready


All with no wires, plug and play, and an extraordinary battery life.

· ISO/IEC 14443
· Mifare Classic 1K/4K 4B and 7B UID
· Mifare Ultralight and Ultralight C
· Mifare DESFire EV1 & EV2
· ISO 15693
· HID® iClass
· HID® Seos
· Bluetooth®

Ciber Security
· Encrypted communications.
·The web connection is encrypted via Https with an SSL certificate.
·Each incoming connection uses its own dynamically encrypted protocol.

Extraordinary battery life
· Up to 10 years

Enhanced automatic data transfer
· Battery status
· Lock status
· Traceability & lock use: time, user

Intelligent Maintenance & Backups
· Battery & lock status.
· Events log.
· Keeps the configuration after battery change.
· Low battery indicator.
· FW update via network.
· Emergency power supply from the knob.
· Configurable usage reports.
· Offline mode in case of gateway failure: Data storage and automatic sending after network recovery.

· Fully configurable by the end user
· Automatic connection of the locks to the Ojmar´s cloud software.
· Real-time configuration and assignment of access permissions via Ojmar´s cloud software.
· Integration with third parties software via SDK
· Automatic openings

· RFID Bracelets
· RFID Cards
· Smartphone Credentials: App

Power supply
·4 alkaline batteries VARTA Type AA

Battery life
·Up to 10 years.

Low battery detection
·Automatically notified in real time.

Comunication interface
·Protocol 2.4 GHz propietary (IEEE 802.15.4)

Temperature range
-10ºC/ 42ºC

Protection against solid and liquid bodies
· IP55.

Protection against external impact
· IK7.

Protection against internal impact
· IK9.

Display led
· LED (Red, amber & green)

· Protocol 2.4 GHz propietary (IEEE 802.15.4)
· Nº of maximum connections up to 500 (depending on the layout of the installation)
· Reading distance Up to 50m (depending on the layout of the installation)
· Communication standard LAN Ethernet RJ-45, USB
· Ethernet DHCP
· Power Supply 8-30VDC Output, 12W min.
· Supports IEEE 802.11 PoE

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Having launched the world’s first connected wireless system, we now introduce OTS®PULSE, the latest evolution in the OTS® Lock family.
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