Solutions for Fitness

locks for lockers and access systems are fully integrated with the latest fitness equipment systems (Technogym, Egym, Matrix, Precor, Life Fitness and Milon), automatic payments and other services.
In this way the end customer can enjoy a centre that allows access to all services with a single RFID credential (wristband, chip, card, Technogym key, etc.).
GYM Lockers RFID Locks
Thanks to RFID technology, we effectively manage moments of large numbers of people to avoid congestion problems in the locker area and in accesses to the centre.
The flexibility of our systems to assign and manage the use of lockers is one of the features most demanded by customers.
The data provided to us allows accurately knowing the activity in the different areas and time slots. In this way we can learn about the club and contribute to a better management of the centre.
Along with the customer, we work every day to improve our products and services. We apply an approach that promotes creativity and which gives Ojmar a competitive edge and added-value for our customers.


Numeris by Digilock offers advanced firmware for a flexible management system that increases security in the workplace. A variety of available finishes and body-styles enhance the aesthetics of any furniture, cabinet or locker while keypad or RFID interface allows for seamless operation across a facility.
We produce long-lasting products, designed for all types of public and adaptable to different sorts of requirements. A step forward in technology and high quality. Ojmar locking systems meet the highest demands for state-of-the-art facilities.
Digismart Locks turns any locker system into the perfect solution for your situation, environment and applications. Plug & play, without purchase, maintenance and management costs, but with the robust reliability and security that you can expect from a locker software expert.


Digital Locks By Digismart Locks
Driven by innovation, our products use the latest technology.
Ojmar Digital Locks for Lockers
We create products that go hand in hand with the latest trends.
Keynius Locks Locker Software
Our unique, innovative and extremely flexible locker software Keynius Locks.

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